Preparing your Business for Artificial Intelligence

2 minute read


80% of marketing executives   are concerned about AI, believing that it will revolutionize the business industry but are hesitant to jump right in. For some digital businesses AI is their main product (Amazons and Google) and as such AI is integral to their business operations.

Than we have product and services companies that generate a lot of data and they’re on their way to building large AI and machine learning teams. They believe they can figure it out as they go along. Next there are companies that see the need to integrate AI into their business but don’t know how or where to even begin as there is just so much information and misinformation all about the place that they can’t tell what’s real and what’s hype. These companies seem lost and so are reluctant to invest too much money into AI without knowing what they’re getting it to. Finally there are companies that really don’t care about AI. I’ll try to help the ones that want to do something but don’t know where to start.


Let’s so say you work for an airline company, you sell tickets to customers across the country.


Your customers may have questions like:

  • What's the cheapest way to get where they're going?
  • How to change their flights?
  • How much baggage they can carry?

Customers might want to use the web, the mobile app or a phone to contact your company. If you can’t answer these questions effectively you’re providing a lousy customer experience and that’s not good these days. Maybe perhaps your a small company and so can’t afford to the required level of staff to get answer the volumes of calls your receiving. If this is the case you can experiment with a chatbot. Why a chatbot? Well here are some reasons:

  • To step into AI slowly and with the least risk.
  • To actually solve real business problem.
  • To understand how AI can integrate into your processes.
  • To know how people will react to AI being introduced into the environment.
  • To be able to scale up with other AI technologies once you get some experience.
  • To be able to roll this out in a short time frame (3 to 6 months).


You will already have much of the data required for training your AI chatbot so that’s less time trying to figure out what data to collect in the first place. Moreover, the integration of AI with your backend system should be simple and not a long drawn out process. The approach to AI you initially want to take is an isolated one so that if things crash it does not bring your whole company to a standstill.

That’s why the right AIchatbot solution is a good way to get started. You’ll learn a lot of things such as:

  • How AI works.
  • What data is needed.
  • How AI impacts your business processes.
  • What new metrics do you need.
  • How do customers react.
  • How does employees take it.
  • What organisational changes do you need to make.
  • How much money will you save.

So your first job is to find a machine learning vendor –if they can offer chat bot features as a service that’s even better as it means you won’t have to mess with your company’s internal operations or manage much at all from an implementations perspective. If you plan to scale to other AI applications then a vendor with many built AI applications on a single a platform this will save you time and give your company confidence to explore AI further.

Hope this helps…